SickKids Uroflow

An application that enables patients to perform uroflowmetry tests at home.


A web applicaiton that boosts your productivity.

Pizza Parlour

A back-end API for a pizza parlour ordering system.

Theatre Blocking

A simple web application that improves the efficiency during the planning stage and rehearsals of a performance.

Temperature and Humidity Control System

A control system that manages the real-time operation of a remotely connected air conditioner (AC) by reading the temperature and humidity sensor data, which are deployed in the environment.

Database Design for Vacation Rental Application

A database design in SQL for a vacation rental application, written in Data Definition Language.

Automated Teller Machine System

An interactive Automated Teller Machine system that enables the user to create and interact with different types of accounts.

Autocomplete Engine

An autocomplete engine that suggests strings or melodies based on a few letters or intervals.

Elevator Simulation

A system that simulates moving algorithms of elevators with different arrival algorithms of passengers.